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California State Mediation & Conciliation Service – About SMCS

Providing mediation, arbitration and other neutral services to California’s labor-management community since 1947

The core service provided by SMCS’ staff of mediators is mediation of public sector contract disputes. Mediators work with parties in school districts, community colleges, higher education, the State of California, cities, counties, special districts, transit districts and the trial courts to reach agreements in collective bargaining when the parties are at impasse. SMCS also provides mediators for grievance disputes, representation, card check, and agency shop elections. These core services are provided at no cost to the parties.

Public sector employers and unions who need assistance in setting up and conducting representation and agency shop elections also turn to SMCS for assistance.

The service maintains a list of qualified private arbitrators and handles requests from labor and management parties for arbitration lists. Upon mutual request by labor and management, for a nominal fee, the Service provides a list of arbitrators with experience in labor relations.

SMCS Mediators and Contact Information

1031 18th Street 
Sacramento, California 95811 
Phone: (916) 322-7638
Fax: (916) 327-7955
Loretta van der Pol, Chief



Northern California 

Ken Glenn
Thomas Ruiz

Central Valley 

Joseph Rios - Presiding Mediator
Jun G. Payoyo

Southern California
Jerry Fecher - Presiding Mediator
Gerald Adams
Denise Williams