Dills Act


3512. Purpose of chapter

3513. Definitions

3514. Interference with board members or agents; misdemeanor; fine

3514.5. Unfair practices; initial determination and remedy; jurisdiction of board; procedures

3515. Employee organizational rights; maintenance of membership; fair share fee; self representation

3515.5. Employee organizations; exclusive representation of members; restrictions on membership; dismissal

3515.6. Employee organizations; deductions for dues, fees, membership benefit programs and assessments

3515.7. Maintenance of membership or fair share fee deduction

3515.8. Return of part of fair share fee

3516. Scope of representation; wages, hours and terms and conditions of employment

3516.5. Notice of proposed law, rule, resolution or regulation; opportunity to meet and confer; emergencies

3517. Meet and confer in good faith

3517.5. Written memorandum of understanding; legislative determination

3517.6. Memorandum of understanding as controlling when in conflict with certain statutory provisions; legislative action required for funding and statutory changes

3517.61 State employees in State Bargaining Unit 6; application of memorandum of understanding

3517.63 Side letters, appendices, or other addendum; additional expenditures; submission to Joint Legislative Budget Committee; ratification determination; express identification of specified addendum

3517.7. Memorandum of understanding; reopening negotiations upon legislature's failure to fund

3517.8. Expiration of memoranda of understanding; continued effect

3518. Appointment of mediator upon failure to reach agreement; costs

3518.5. Time off for employees to meet and confer without loss of compensation or benefits

3518.7. Managerial and confidential employees; prohibition from holding elective office in certain organizations

3519. Unlawful actions by state

3519.5. Unlawful actions by employee organizations

3520. Judicial review of unit determination; stay of order directing election; petition for writ of extraordinary relief; notice; jurisdiction; findings; enforcement of final decision or order

3520.5. Exclusive recognition to employee organization; procedures

3520.7. Employee organization and associations; registering; determining status; identifying official representatives

3520.8. Appeal of administrative law judge decision regarding recognition or certification of employee organization; final order of board

3521. Appropriate unit; determination; criteria

3521.5. Professional employee

3521.7. Enforcement of state laws; designation of positions or classes involved

3522. Physicians; negotiation for preauthorized travel for continuing medical education

3523. Public meeting; presentation of meet and confer proposals to public employer; notice; public record; emergencies

3523.5. Inapplicability of Labor Code Section 923 to state employees

3524. Short title