As of January 1, 2013

3500. Purpose and Intent

3500.5 Short Title

3501. Definitions

3501.5. Public Agency

3502. Right to Join or Abstain; Individual Representation

3502.1. Exercise of lawful action as elected, appointed or recognized representative of any employee bargaining unit

3502.5. Agency Shop Agreements; Payments in Lieu of Dues or Fees; Rescission; Application; Records

3503. Representation of Members; Membership Admission and Dismissal Regulation; Right of Personal Appearance

3504. Scope of Representation

3504.5. Notice of Proposed Act Relating to Matters Within Scope of Representation; Meeting; Emergencies

3505. Conferences; Meet and Confer in Good Faith

3505.1. Memorandum of Agreement

3505.2. Mediation; Appointment of Mediator; Costs

3505.3. Time Off Allowances to Employee Representatives

3505.4. Unable to effect settlement within 30 days of appointment; request for submission to factfinding panel; members; chairperson; powers; criteria for findings and recommendations

3505.5. Dispute not settled within 30 days after appointment of factfinding panel or upon agreement by parties; panel to make advisory findings of fact and recommended terms of settlement; costs; exemptions

3505.7. Impasse; implementation of last, best, and final offer

3506. Discrimination Prohibited

3506.5 Discrimination prohibited; denial of rights; refusal to negotiate in good faith; domination or interference with formation of employee organization; refusal to participate

3507. Rules and Regulations

3507.1. Unit determinations and representation elections; grant by public agency of exclusive or majority recognition to employee organization based on signed petition, authorization cards or union membership cards; neutral third-party determination

3507.3. Professional Employees; Representation; Submission of Dispute to Division of Conciliation

3507.5. Designation of Management and Confidential Employees of Public Agency

3508. Law Enforcement Positions; Exclusion from Employee Organizations; Classification of Positions in Specified Counties

3508.1 Police employees; investigation of misconduct allegations and notification of any proposed disciplinary actions; limitations period; exceptions

3508.5. Right to Authorize Dues Deductions; Effect of Chapter

3509. Board; powers and duties; unfair practices; rules; jurisdiction over employee organization actions

3509.3 Appeal of administrative law judge decision regarding recognition or certification of employee organization; final order of board

3509.5. Petition for writ of extraordinary relief from final decision or order of board in unfair practices cases; jurisdiction; time for filing; enforcement of final decisions or orders

3510. Construction of Chapter

3511. Application of Amendments Made by 1999-2000 Regular Session Legislation